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Oct 18

Diaper Fairy Strikes Again

Madison Community Services, Inc. seems to have a Diaper Fairy.  Vincent Diglio, co-chair of the MCS Food Pantry reported that the pantry receives a charitable donation about 4 or 5 times a year from an anonymous donor.

The pantry has a need for diapers and Depends all during the year and does not have the funds to stock this type of item on its own. When the Pea Pod delivery truck shows up it brings a smile to the faces of all the Madison Community Service volunteers that are so diligently stocking the shelves.

The invoice to the left shows the generosity of  anonymous donor whom MCS, Inc fondly refers to as The Diaper Fairy.

We do not know who this person is but we are extremely grateful.


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Cheryl is an author, speaker and entrepreneur who has volunteered for MCS, Inc since 2005. She became a member of the board a few years later as the Food Drive Coordinator and has proudly served as the organization's President since 2010.

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