MCS Video Diary Week#1

MCS Food Pantry

Mar 16

Madison Food Pantry Moving Location!

A New and Improved Madison Food Pantry is Right Around The Corner!

Madison, CT.  Madison Community Services, Inc has announced the relocation of their Food Pantry to a new facility at 50 Mungertown Road Unit 3-4. The new location is in the industrial complex commonly referred to as “Orchard Park”, a Milano Development Property.

The move came as surprise to many because relocating the pantry wasn’t on the Board of Directors agenda until five weeks ago. It began with a search for new office space and grew from there.

It was a difficult winter for many of the volunteers who move over 2200 pounds of food every week under conditions that can definitely be referred to as “hard labor”.   The new location will solve many logistical problems and will streamline the amount of work involved for the all volunteer group.

The Pantry is currently located in the Madison First Congregational Church where the existing space will be converted to the official office/headquarters of MCS, Inc.  A small amount of food, both perishable and nonperishable, will still be kept at the church in case an emergency supply is needed by one of Madison residents.

Our first client day at 50 Mungertown is scheduled for April 13th.  We have much work to do over the next five weeks and thought it would be fun to video diary of our progress. Visit every Wednesday to  see how we are doing!

Madison Community Services Projected Layout for Our Food Pantry



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Cheryl is an author, speaker and entrepreneur who has volunteered for MCS, Inc since 2005. She became a member of the board a few years later as the Food Drive Coordinator and has proudly served as the organization's President since 2010.

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