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For assistance, call  203-245-5645 

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What we offer.

Crisis assistance is provided in special circumstances for residences that are urgently in need of one-time financial assistance. (Up to $500)


Here's One Example...

You are out of work due to an injury. We can help with:

  • One payment made to your landlord, or
  • One payment to cover auto insurance that is due.


How to Apply.

Although we are not associated with the Town of Madison, we do work closely with the Madison Department of Social Services. Eligibility for crisis assistance is guided by their recommendations. Please call them during their business hours at 203-245-5645

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About MCS, Inc.

MCS Inc is an all volunteer nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization providing services and assistance to Madison residents since 1930. 100% of funding is from private donations, without any town, state or federal funding.

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