Madison Community Services Food Pantry Report:11/9/11

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Nov 09

MCS Food Pantry Report for November 9, 2011

As Thanksgiving approaches, we continue to extend our gratitude for the donations we have received. Thanks to Cub Scout Troop #491, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, MASTR, Westbrook Elks 31784,  Ed Bennet Jr., Mrs. Root, Washbourne Boys, Robert’s, Stop & Shop, Cumberland Farms, Subway, Cohen’s Bagels and N2N.

This week there were 85 clients (10 Homebound). Total amount of food distributed – 2, 806 lbs. Total amount of food shelved – 2,396 lbs. Total amount of food purchased by MCS – 963 lbs.

Total amount of food donated – 1,425 lbs.
This week, MCS would like to recognize the rest of the Supervisors who give of themselves to create a cordial and friendly environment for our clients. Mitch Cohan (Stop & Shop meat pick-up), Mike Maguire (“tech person”), Lisa Brennan, Lisa Preikszas, Rebecca Bixon, JoAnn Veillette-Stonehart.
Without these dedicated people we could not operate the pantry. So thanks to all of you for making our job such an easy and enjoyable one.

  • MASTR – $185
  • Cub Scout Troop 491 – 791 lbs. of food
  • St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church – 286 lbs. of food
  • Westbrook Elks  1789 – 80 lbs. of food
  • Ed Bennet Jr. – 13 lbs. of food
  • Washbourne Boys – 5 lbs. of food
  • Mrs. Root – 15 lbs. of food
  • Robert’s – 89 lbs. of pastries  and bread
  • Stop & Shop – 65 lbs. of meat
  • Cumberland Farms – 65 lbs. of bread and pastries
  • Cohen’s Bagels – 14 lbs. of bagels
  • Subway – 2 lbs. of bread
  • N2N – personal care items

Madison Community Services, Inc is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) compliant organization, independent of the Town of Madison, CT and we would like to thank all of the people/organizations of Madison for their continued support!


About the Author

Cheryl is an author, speaker and entrepreneur who has volunteered for MCS, Inc since 2005. She became a member of the board a few years later as the Food Drive Coordinator and has proudly served as the organization's President since 2010.