Cub Scout Pack 491

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Nov 06

Food Drive Sponsored by Cub Scout Pack 491

Cub Scout Pack 491, Madison CT

It’s a beautiful Sunday Afternoon and my husband Al and I pull into Roberts Food Center to get a few things for dinner when we are greeted with the unparalleled exuberance of five young man handing out flyers and asking if we would purchase groceries for the Madison Community Services Food Pantry.

They were so charming it would be impossible to refuse their request! We introduced ourselves and after taking a few pictures headed into shop. This young group was determined to do their “job” for the day ~ the second we exited the store they were there asking which bag was for the pantry!

On behalf of Madison Community Services Inc I would like to say Job Well Done and extend our sincerest thanks to all of the boys who helped collect food for our Pantry¬† today. You’re the best Cub Scout Pack 491!


President, MCS Inc



About the Author

Cheryl is an author, speaker and entrepreneur who has volunteered for MCS, Inc since 2005. She became a member of the board a few years later as the Food Drive Coordinator and has proudly served as the organization's President since 2010.