North Madison Congregational Church Youth Groups Support Food Pantry

MCS Food Pantry

Apr 10

The Junior and Senior Youth Group at the North Madison Congregational Church raised over 400 pounds of food by having a scavenger hunt.  They put flyers around the neighborhoods of Bartlett and Winterhill Road asking for donations.  Then they went and picked up the bags.  The foods were each given a point value and the team with the most points won ice cream.  Thanks so much to all that were involved.

.No Mad Cong

About the Author

Christine Basler is a retired Spanish teacher (Westbrook High School) and has volunteered for MCS in more than one role. She has served on our Board of Directors and also dedicates some of her free time to staffing our food pantry. She's married to George Basler, another one of our directors. They live in Madison and spend part of their year enjoying the Florida sunshine.