In 2006 Madison Community Services, Inc. Opened Its Food Pantry…

in a small closet located in the Social Services Building serving approximately 10 clients per week.

In December of 2008 We Expand…

the number of clients had increased so much that the space was no longer adequate and MCS moved the pantry to a room in Hubley Hall at the First Congregational Church. The donated space was large enough to fit refrigeration which allowed us the opportunity to provide perishable items for the first time.

By 2011 We Expand Again…

The pantry remained there until 2011 when our client base reached 40 and we outgrew our home at FCC. In April we relocated to an industrial unit at Milano’s Orchard Park where we currently serve 100 clients each week. One hundred shoppers translates to 300-350 people who count on receiving food from the pantry to meet their basic needs. For these clients, the pantry has become a necessity.

What many do not know is that we are fully funded by the generosity of others and do not receive any government funds. As the need for the MCS Food Pantry continues to grow, the cost of providing this service also grows exponentially. We could not do it without the continuing support of the Madison Community. Individuals, civic organizations, local businesses and religious organizations help us provide supplemental food to our clients by donating volunteer hours, money and perishable & non-perishable food items.

The MCS Food Pantry is maintained year round by volunteers who collect provisions for distribution. In December of 2008 our pantry was moved and expanded to our new location. It is open to Madison residents every Wednesday from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm

Non-perishable and perishable items are now available.

Contact MCS at 203-245-3031